Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

Garden Design.

Design rationale

This project presented a unique opportunity to deliver something exceptional. The clients had managed to purchase a large additional section of the garden from a neighbour, offering a T shape. I began by dividing the garden into two, with the lower half of the T being close to the house and the upper being further away. The area close to the house lent itself to a very rectilinear courtyard garden style with clean lines and a contemporary look.

The larger additional section of the garden I could be more imaginative & creative, and I went for something that was a very contrasting curvilinear more wild style. I created a threshold a green-oak pergola, in-between the two elements of the garden that would both separate the two elements but also create a dialogue between the two. This threshold, particularly as the climbing plants mature, will create a secret-garden feel, being able to peer through the pergola to glimpse the garden beyond and lead the eye and raise a sense of curiosity and expectation.

Design Brief:

Design to include the following elements:

  • Consideration was to be given to two separate & distinct garden areas
  • Large terraced area for socialising
  • Raised beds
  • Herb beds
  • Veg garden
  • Wild-flower garden
  • Bespoke shed/storage
  • An area of artificial grass for children
  • A play area in the main garden
  • A flat piece of lawn
  • Low maintenance
  • A smaller more intimate area away from the social area with fire-pit

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