The Cotswolds

Garden Layout.

Design Rationale

The pool area was situated at the South of the site to acts as a sun trap throughout the entire day. This also meant the pool area was secluded and hidden in a corner of the ground away from the driveway and the house. An array of features were encapsulated into the pool garden. A swimming area as requested was made available, however, this was surrounded by elegant rock pools, waterfalls, and pools of water plants to submerse this swimming area in nature. Materials for the decking and boundaries were mainly Japanese styles timber to tie the organic feel of the pools into the oriental vernacular character requested.

On araised timber platform lay a hot tub and on a further level up a Japanese style gazebo for shelter from the sun and relaxation out of the pools. The gazebo was designed to be submerged in foliage to really provide the feel of escapism from everyday life. To add to this feel the only entrance to the oriental garden and pools is via either a long, staggered pathway through the main garden or a selection of paving steps over a waterway. Both create a feeling of a journey to this hidden oasis of tranquillity and relaxation.

Design Brief:

To split the garden into two key areas. The first being a secluded water garden with various swimming and pool areas on an array of levels with an organic, vernacular oriental feel. The second to be maintained as a large turfed garden.

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