Gardeners Cottage, Bristol

Garden Layout.

My aim here was to create something spectacular, exciting & environmental, yet with a contemporary twist. The natural curvature of the site and body of water was met with linear and striking terrace areas to offer a contrast of nature and modernity. However, the use of subtle and sympathetic materials ensured that the transition between the two was harmonious. The exterior dining area is raised up above the water to create a spectacular view over the garden.

The secluded seating areas situated around the site offer full advantage of submerging into nature, without being abrasive and intrusive on the already beautiful site. The timber walkways around the house were concealed with planting and trees to create the feel of seclusion and to further soften the designated circulation areas into the nature of the site. They also offer the feeling of exploration of the grounds and excitement rather than simply walking over a large expanse of turf with no break in view or change of scenery. This change of foliage density entertains the mind and engages visitors, willing them to explore the garden further.

Design Brief:

  • A large still body of water
  • Garden designed to encourage a range of wildlife
  • A terrace for dining to accommodate 4-6 people
  • A secondary more intimate space, close to the water
  • A pergola/similar structure
  • Emphasis on spring-autumn planting with year-round interest
  • Native plants to be included
  • Small compost area
  • 2 log-stores, one close to the house & one larger one located away from the house

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