Detailed Design

Finalising your ideal garden..

These final working drawings will show the position of the main features, explain how the garden will be constructed to the appointed contractor. This will consist of:

Colour elevation drawings to show you how the garden will look on completion and to offer further details for the builders.

Section drawings where required if the existing land needs to be cut into and retained.

Skeleton elevation drawings if required for boundary features or structures within the design.

Construction drawings will be produced for any bespoke features in the design. For most designs, landscapers build from the master plan and elevation drawings. However, construction drawings will be produced for more complex projects where it is necessary to produce multiple specialised tender documents.

A planting schedule will list all of the proposed planting, plant specification, quantities, and sizes. This will be accompanied by a mood board with images of the selected planting. A precise planting plan can be produced showing the exact location of the plants.

These drawings are critical to controlling the various elements and relevant details of the garden as well as keep track of costs and budget.

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