Design Process

Step 1

Design Consultation Meeting

Initial consultation – the first step to create your beautiful new garden. This meeting usually lasts for 2 or 3 hours when we can explore a wide range of possibilities. A detailed report is prepared subsequently for you with all the design costs shown, for transparency and clarity.

Step 2


Site Survey- an essential part of the garden design process. A proper site survey allows for the development of accurate design plans and reduces unnecessary and unplanned expense during the building phase. I can arrange for an independent survey of your garden or can use your own survey if it is up to date and well detailed.

Step 3

Design Presentation

For some clients who either have a particularly large garden/open-space or wish to develop their garden in stages or are otherwise simply wanting a more basic & less detailed design, I can offer a concept design. Otherwise, I will offer a more detailed design.

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I work collaboratively with my clients, listening to their needs, to ensure that the garden design brief is clear and is interpreted correctly. My aim is to reflect as closely as possible the style of the client’s home and taste so that there is a strong visual relationship between the inside and outside spaces.

The Presentation Plan is a 2D outline drawing, these drawings are presented to you to explain the proposed scheme combining all the aesthetic, practical considerations and other elements discussed at the consultation. The drawings are hand-drawn and coloured and fully detailed drawings bringing your new garden to life.

To help you visualise your new garden, hand-drawn 3D realisations and sketches can be included to help you really visualise how your new garden will be alternatively, 3D landscape models or views of your garden from different angles can be created using computer-aided-design. Designing on the computer is useful as it allows me to work closely and share files with other professionals such as architects, water feature specialist, and planners who may be involved in the project.

Step 4

Build Preparation

Construction details – once you’ve approved the Outline Plan I will prepare all the Construction details. These are the working drawings that explain how the garden will be constructed. These essential drawings are critical to controlling the finished appearance of the garden and the cost.

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Planting plan – working drawings that plot the plant selections and the placement of each plant. A working map to position every single plant so nothing is left to chance. Carefully selected planting to create stunning compositions, appropriate to the soil and aspect so that the garden continues to go from strength to strength.

Scope of works and specification – a uniquely prepared document to assist the construction of the garden. Materials to be used are specified and methods of construction described. This document is used for the competitive tendering.

Tender process – I work with a range of landscapers, contractors, and builders and can put you in touch with companies known to me and best suited to the challenges of your project. I can prepare and send the documentation (all the drawings and the scope of works) to the selected landscape contractors and meet them on site to answer their questions, enabling them to quote for the build fairly and accurately.

Step 5


I have a select group of landscape contractors, water feature and lighting design specialists with whom I have worked with so that I can offer you a range of contractors to suit your needs and for a hassle-free process from initial concept to project completion if this is what you require.

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Once you have chosen your contractor and the build gets underway I can make regular site visits to ensure the landscapers and other professionals deliver your garden exactly as planned. Otherwise, I can offer a range of services to suit your needs.

Project management – Project management will relieve you of the pressure during the construction phase. The project manager will organise the tender process, coordinate project kick-off and remain on site regularly until the project is completed. In addition, we will ensure that the contract runs smoothly, on time and within budget, also ensuring the project is completed to the original specification, and reduce the need for you to get involved with day to day issues

Monitoring the project – this ensures the smooth running of the project once the building process is underway. Regular meetings and written updates help keep everyone on track and informed, coordinating contractors and other trades to make sure that building work progresses to plan, minimising delays, resolving any unforeseen issues, and controlling costs.

Step 6


I offer an additional sourcing service where I have contact with a range of nurseries and companies that specialise in a range of materials and products to fulfill all that you might require in completing your planting plan and adding the finishing touches to your garden. Feature items and furniture are also items we regularly source to complete your gardens new look.

Step 7

Aftercare & Garden Maintenance

All gardens require on-going attention and care to keep them looking their best. To assist you with the upkeep of your garden, I can offer regular site visits as well as after-care profile folder of each plant and piece of equipment as well as develop tailor-made maintenance schedule to suit your individual requirements

Additional to this I have contact with a range of gardens and maintenance specialist and so I can help you find the perfect gardener and or maintenance team to help keep your garden looking at its best throughout the year.

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