Courtyard Garden, Bath

Garden Design.

Design Rationale

Due to the time constraints and nature of the site, this project was one that required a clear and direct vision early on. The area was soulless and bleak, to begin with, consisting of weathered patio slabs and brick walls surrounding the area. It was important to create a variety of textures and materials to break this small and hostile space up into an inviting area.

Introduction of the dark stained decking meant the abrasive, worn patio could be banished, already making a huge difference to the garden. Planted walls were added to break up the monotonous brickwork and shabby looking boundaries, adding life and vibrancy to the scheme. It is difficult to add planting to scheme like this on occasion due to a lack of space, wall planting is a great way to flood your small garden with nature to create a small oasis whilst not cluttering up limited floor space.

Other alterations to the boundaries included creating the white planting boxes surrounding the seating area. This planting border sections off the space and makes it a separate hideaway to the rest of the exterior. Denoting this space with the border gives it presence and appeal, rather than a drab and wasted area that would otherwise be ignored. It draws the eye to the new revitalisation and makes it a space that people now wish to inhabit. The stark contrast of modern colour and materials to the natural planting and textures of the brick and timber give the space a 21st-century twist. A space that offers a natural oasis as required, however, doubles up as a relaxing, modern entertaining area.

Design Brief:

The brief to Sheldon was clear: create me an outdoor oasis which I will love to spend time in. It was no easy project to turn a gated hard standing into somewhere that would be an extension of the indoor space at my property but within a short timescale, from initial visualisation to the project end, Sheldon had delivered exactly what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. It was refreshing to work with someone who was as passionate about my property as I was.

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